Piss ass off 4

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Sweet and entertaining … bonus points for pointing out Australian Dinner For One screenings and the lovely word epalpebrate. But then I guess we are sort of half-German like the Dutch. On the contrary I think the english of most germans sucks big time, so no need for ancient words.

So why did we went with Soviets?

It is easy to sacrifise someone else, even when he is one of your best economical and political ally in Europe.

As never tasted pasta would not make italian any less italian.

Sure, they might disagree with it but to go as far as saying they get pissed off just by meeting a vegan is a bit extreme to say the least.

Piss ass off 4

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Piss ass off 4

I also read it aloud to my German boyfriend, who could also appreciate what you wrote.

As for number 2: I think the author wanted to express that to order some non-Czech beers such as Heineken, Paulaner, Kasteel etc.

They will try to get through any queue as far as possible because they remember times when it was the only chance how to get anything.

Those are just a few examples, which probably annoyed most Germans who read it. They are states within a country.

How to piss off a German

How to piss off a Czech

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Czechs take their beer drinking seriously. Speaking of left lane, try hogging it—as so many Americans do. So there you go, you have a new insult.